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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party

7QP Plaques


Update 9/1/2019 - Plaques have been received from the engraver and most have been mailed out prior to September 1st (they are being sent via USPS Priority Mail).    The remaining handful will go out during the week of September 2 - 6.    If you don't have yours by September 10th and haven't heard from us directly, send a message to Bob/WS7N.

2019 Plaque Sponsors & Winners

Entry Category Sponsor Recipient
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power Mixed   Jay/N7ZUF   N8II
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power Phone   Ronnie/KK7YC   K6GHA
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) High-Power CW   Max/NG7M   VE3KP
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) QRP CW   Quinton/NU7Y   KE0TT
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) High-Power Phone   Dave/K6DAJ   WV4P
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) High-Power Mixed   Utah DX Association   KL7SB
 Outside 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) Low-Power Mixed   Bob/WS7N   K6DAJ
 7th Area Mobile Single-Op Low-Power CW   Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club   N7XU
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) High-Power Mixed   Arizona Outlaws Contest Club   K7RL
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) High-Power Phone   Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society, W7TA   W7MRF
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) High-Power CW   Central Oregon DX Club   WJ9B
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power Mixed   Idaho DX Association   W7YAQ
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power Phone   Shy-Wy Amateur Radio Club   KK7AC
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) Low-Power CW   Spokane DX Association   K7GA
 7th Area Single-Op (Unassisted) QRP CW   Bob/N7WY   W7YS
 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) High-Power Mixed   Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society, W7TA   K7XC
 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) Low-Power Mixed   Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society, W7TA   W7OM
 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) Low-Power Phone   Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society, W7TA   N7MZW
 7th Area Single-Op (Assisted) QRP CW   Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado   WC7S
 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Multi (Single County)   Curt/K7ZOO   K7DPS
 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Single (County Line)   Jim/W7CT   K7KC
 7th Area County Expedition Single-Op (Single County)   Utah DX Association   WS7L
 7th Area County Expedition Multi-Multi (County Line)   Jeff/N8II   W7EEE
 7th Area County Expedition Single-Op (County Line)   Central Oregon DX Club   KK7L
 7th Area Multi-Multi   Ron/WV4P   W7RN
 7th Area Multi-Single   Dick/K4XU   NA7TB
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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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