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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party

2010 - 2013 Results

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K4XU's Summary and Analysis

The 2013 7QP

Another 7QP in the books, and it continues to grow.    The number of logs received is about the same as last year, the number of stations participating is also nearly the same.    But the mix is different and the mobile activity this year was way up.    Of the 523 logs submitted, 258 were from stations who also participated last year.    Conditions may have played a part, they were not nearly as good as in 2012.    The county stats were a dead heat from last year: 203 of the 259 were activated.

Mobiles...While we are no danger to Florida's QP in number of mobiles, ours are a hardy bunch.    They have to cover many more miles per county, in territory that is neither flat nor well populated.    WW7D gets the Dark County activation award.    Darryl reduced by two the number of counties that have never been activated in 7QP, bringing the total down to three: MTBLA, MTMAD, and MTSHE.    This year we introduced a change in the mobile categories, separating them into single and multi-op.    We actually had fewer mobile entries this year but more of them were truly "expeditions." K5YAA operated mobile in the Florida QSO party on April 28, and then drove through a dozen counties in Wyoming the following weekend for 7QP.    Nice job, Jerry! There is a nice write-up of the WW7D mobile trip at WW7D/M's big 7QP Adventure .

Speaking of logs, as the paper-log transcriber, I am pleased to report that only three logs were on paper this year.    Here's the report on the different logging programs used:

       298 N1MM
        69 N3FJP
        31 WriteLog
        19 GenLog
        19 WA7BNM webform
         8 TR4W
         6 NA
         5 TR
         4 Win-Test
         3 SD
        62 others, 2 or less, or none specified.

Statistics for 2013:

     Stations         2013        2012         2011
                      ----        ----         ----
      7th Area:       1091         926         1261
      RoW:            4613        4368         5631
      Total:          5704        5294         6892
      Logs:            523         520          492
      St   #  on  on--excluding uniques
      -- --- --- ---
      AZ  15  15  15
      ID  44  38  37
      MT  56  29  22
      NV  17   9   6
      OR  36  36  35
      UT  29  19  16
      WA  39  38  37
      WY  23  18  18
      -- --- --- ---
         259 202 186

While we had the same number of active counties as last year, Nevada suffered while Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Montana gained. Arizona and Oregon pulled off sweeps again.    Washington fell one short, but not the same one as last year.

Results Non-7

W0BH wins the SO High mixed again.    It seems nobody can stop Bob's 8-year hold on consistency.    Lloyd at KH6LC was second and VE3KP third.    DL3GA made a very respectable 5th place as the highest scoring DX entry (barely beating LY5A's multi-single effort).

SO High CW was taken handily by N4DW after several years in second or third.    He was followed by K1TN and N5NA.

SO High Phone was little contest.    W6AFA cleared W5JNP by almost 6x.    One hop propagation is a real benefit out here.

On the other hand, SO low Mixed was a real horse race: less than 1% separated Canadians VE4VT (VE4EAR) and VE7CV.    'EAR has grown into contesting on the 7QP and this is his third win.

SO Low Power CW: This is the most popular category with well over 50 entries, topped this year by N6MU and followed by N9AUG.    This seems to be John's contest.

SO Low Power Phone: Another 6-lander, K6GHA, takes the prize here with a handy win over W9QL.

SO QRP Mixed: K8ZT wrested the crown from perennial category winner N2WN who takes second.

SO QRP CW: W4UT wins over KE0G and a very tight race for third.

MS High Power: WA6KHK wins it, battling past NX6T and K5WAF.

MS Low Power: This race was so close, it required a careful check of the UBN report.    K9YC by a hair over VE5KS.    One more QSO either way would have changed it.

MM: the NEQP boys at W1ACT had their act together!

Mobile MS Low Mixed was InQP's W9WX and MS Low CW was NEQP wanderer K1KI.

Results - W7

SO High Mixed was won by a newcomer to 7QP, K7RL, with 20% margin over N5LZ disguised as NN7ZZ.

After winning the mixed many many times, K6LL, using K7ABC, decided to try a new category this year.    As SO High CW, he beat out a determined effort by K7ZZ.

The SO High Phone was won by a completely new participant, KK7YC. He was followed by another first-time entrant, KA6BIM.

The SO Low Mixed category was captured by a fine effort by K7FA who cleared the second place entrant by 4x.    SO Low CW was won by KK7S in a close race, being chased by Idahoans WJ9B and W7ZRC.    SO Low Phone was garnered by KK7AC.    This category had the highest participation on the W7 side with 29 entries.

SO QRP CW was busy with 13 entries, lead by W7YS.    QRP Mixed was won by W7YAQ, QRP Phone by K7EK.

Multi-single (aka assisted) High power was taken by the team of K5RC and KH2TJ operating the Virginia City super station, but only barely.    AC7T +W7GKF were hot on their heels.    K7WP took the MS Low power class.

The only MM entry this year was by an intrepid group from the Snake River ARC, K7SI, in the southwest corner of Idaho.

Single-County Expeditions:

Single op: K7IA followed by a near 3-way tie for second place by WR7Q, KE7DX and KC7YE.

Multi-Single: A clear win for W7PX.

County Line Expeditions:

Single op: AA5TL nudges out AC7JW in a close one. MM: K7EAR does it again! However, Milt tells us that this will be the last gasp for the AZGHM/GLE operation.    But not to fear, the gang of contesting newbies under the K7LIX banner put together a strong effort on a tri-county corner in south-central Oregon.    They will be back!


It seems that splitting up the mobile categories into single and multi-op also split up the operations, so based on the submitted logs it was almost one entry per category:

SO High mixed: KT7G
SO Low mixed: K7BG
MS High CW: K7RE
MS Low CW: N7XU beats KS5A

Thanks to all ..   see you next year!


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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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