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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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NN0G's "POTA Hex" antenna for his W7Y operation from Guernsey State Park Wyoming.


80/40 and 20/15/10 fan dipoles used by K6WSC on his K7C Expedition to Santa Cruz County, AZ.


Saturday morning at K7ZX's site on the Deschutes/Lake County line (Oregon).


K7RAT/7 on the Clatsop/Tillamook County line (Oregon).


K7KC on the Juab/Millard County line (Utah).

We arrived at the location on Friday afternoon, May 6th to begin setup and tore down and left on Sunday morning, May 8th.   Operators participating were:

 - K7MZ, Dick Abbott, Power and Safety

 - K7UT, Darryl Hazelgren, Team Leader, Antennas and Logistics

 - N7RXL, Graydon Jensen, Radios and Networking

 - W7HPW, Mark Richardson

We operated ten miles northwest of the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta, Utah on the Juab County and Millard County lines.   The GPS coordinates were approximately 39.55 N 112.82 W.   The actual location was northeast of the Brush Beryllium Road within 100 ft.   of the county line.

The setup was for a Multi-Multi County Line Low Power class with two transmitters.   Both stations were located in an 8ft.   x 10ft.   tent.

We networked two desktop computers to support the two stations and one computer to serve as a ”hot spare”.   Two UPS units were also utilized.

We utilized an Aluma TM 51-20 Mobile Tower Unit with a 100ft.   crank up tower to support the antennas.   A Force 12 C3 Yagi for 10-20 meters was raised to 72ft.   and a Fan Dipole for 40 and 80 meters was installed at 70ft.

A Low Band Systems multiplexer and filters was employed on the Yagi to allow multiple users access to that antenna.   A Low Band Systems Diplexer and filters will be used to allow two users access to the 80/40 meter fan dipole.

In the weeks prior to the operation two complete stations were setup at the K7KC remote station in Herriman, Utah to be tested with the actual antennas to be used and powered by a 2kw generator supplied by K7MZ.    We ran the equipment from the generator for several hours and were able to set up the networking and verify the interstation interference was minimal using the filters and multiplexers.


20M was tough during the day on Saturday.    Much more action in late afternoon and later after New England came online.    More action on 20m then as well.    Clean sweep of de was a nice bonus.    Tnx fer the Q's.


Someone forgot to salt the Ionosphere.


Had a great time here in windy Wyoming.    It (the wind), broke the EFHW mast ground mount leaving the mast laying against the camper.    Also played havoc with my Pota Hex antenna.    The mast sections where not tight, and it tended to point opposite of the wind direction -- that would be East.    500 Q's CW only -- 90% of those were run.    Not bad for running barefoot from a campground! Contacts combined with my other weekend contacts should give me a pota kilo for the long weekend.


Only operated for about 8 hours.    High wind and new, push up, mast worries caused me to secure operations earlier than planned.    All equipment worked well (except the refrigerator that would not switch to gas in the motor home).

All operators very patient with hard to copy reports.    High speed CW ops would do well to slow down their call sign & report info.   Skipped over many because I could not copy 30-40 wpm.   Looking forward to next year!


Love it that we can log all QSOP this weekend to one log! Great S&P event lots of band switching.    Would have liked to be in a spot where i could work more stations on 10M & 15M but props never went short for NE stations on Sunday.    Saturday was good on 15M for 7th call area stations.    Wish 7th call area would be on for Sunday.


Many thanks for activating so many rare counties.


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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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