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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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2022 7QP Wrap-Up

The scores have been tabulated and the winners are listed below! Read K4XU's write-up here.

All scores for submitted logs are on the "2022 Results" tab.    Plaque winners are on the Awards page.

W0BH	Non-7 Single-Op High Mixed
AH6KO	Non-7 Single-Op High CW
W6AFA	Non-7 Single-Op High Phone
N8II	Non-7 Single-Op Low Mixed
N6MU	Non-7 Single-Op Low CW
KD5ILA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Digital
K6GHA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Phone
AC5O	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Mixed
W6JTI	Non-7 Single-Op QRP CW
VA7USD	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Phone
NX6T	Non-7 Multi-Single High
K8LX	Non-7 Multi-Single Low
N6RO	Non-7 Multi-Multi
KJ9C	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
K1EP	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low CW
N6JSO	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Phone
K9WX	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
NZ1U	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low CW
KG5LRB	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low Phone
K7RL	7th Area Single-Op High Mixed
K7L	7th Area Single-Op High CW
WN6W	7th Area Single-Op High Digital
KE6GFI	7th Area Single-Op High Phone
KN7K	7th Area Single-Op Low Mixed
NU7Y	7th Area Single-Op Low CW
N7GP	7th Area Single-Op Low Digital
KK7AC	7th Area Single-Op Low Phone
WJ9B	7th Area Single-Op QRP CW
N7ECV	7th Area Single-Op QRP Phone
N7A	7th Area Multi-Single High
W7OSU	7th Area Multi-Single Low
K7RC	7th Area Multi-Multi
K7C	7th Area Single-County Expedition Single-Op
N7D	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Single
W7W	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Multi
WY7M	7th Area County-Line Expedition Single-Op
K7KC	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Multi
N7AME	7th Area Open Expedition
N7WA	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low CW
K7JSG	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Phone
N7XU	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low CW

The Latest....

May 6, 2022 - Writelog users: We understand that the Cabrillo-formatting problem that has prevented logs from being accepted by our uploader has not been fixed.   You can edit your Cabrillo file and fix QSO records that have separate (blank-separated) received-location codes.   E.g., "N7LE 599 ORDES ORJEF" should be "N7LE 599 ORDES/ORJEF".   If you can't do this easily, or are still unable to upload, email the log to us (see the Logs section of the Rules for email instructions).

April 20, 2021 - We've updated our Rules to confirm that WSJT digital modes are not allowed, since they don't support the 7QP exchange.

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7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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