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7QP - the 7th Call Area QSO Party
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The Latest....

May 26, 2021 - Results posted for 2021 7QP -- see "2021 Results" tab for results details! Read all about it in K4XU's summary.    Here are the category winners:

VA7RR	Non-7 Single-Op High Mixed
KH6LC	Non-7 Single-Op High CW
W6AFA	Non-7 Single-Op High Phone
N8II	Non-7 Single-Op Low Mixed
N6MU	Non-7 Single-Op Low CW
KD5ILA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Digital
K6GHA	Non-7 Single-Op Low Phone
W6JTI	Non-7 Single-Op QRP CW
N3AWS	Non-7 Single-Op QRP Phone
K7GK	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High Mixed
W5TM	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High CW
W4KW	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted High Phone
AD1C	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low Mixed
AH6KO	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low CW
WB4OSU	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low Digital
KI5MM	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted Low Phone
AI6DO	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted QRP Mixed
K4DZR	Non-7 Single-Op Assisted QRP CW
NX6T	Non-7 Multi-Single High
KA9VVQ	Non-7 Multi-Single Low
KU6S	Non-7 Multi-Multi
W9TC	Non-7 Single-County Expedition Multi-Single
KJ9C	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
WB0PYF	Non-7 Mobile Single-op Low CW
K2UA	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single High CW
WA9LEY	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
NZ1U	Non-7 Mobile Multi-single Low CW

K7RL	7th Area Single-Op High Mixed
K7QA	7th Area Single-Op High CW
W7VO	7th Area Single-Op High Phone
AK6A	7th Area Single-Op Low Mixed
WY7M	7th Area Single-Op Low CW
W7BOB	7th Area Single-Op Low Digital
KK7AC	7th Area Single-Op Low Phone
W7YAQ	7th Area Single-Op QRP Mixed
WJ9B	7th Area Single-Op QRP CW
K7DLX	7th Area Single-Op QRP Phone
K7L	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High Mixed
W6OAT	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High CW
K2RD	7th Area Single-Op Assisted High Phone
WN6W	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low Mixed
WA7AN	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low CW
K7VT	7th Area Single-Op Assisted Low Phone
NU7Y	7th Area Single-Op Assisted QRP CW
N7IP	7th Area Multi-Single High
W7IVM	7th Area Multi-Single Low
ND7K	7th Area Multi-Multi
AA5TL	7th Area Single-County Expedition Single-Op
N7D	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Single
K7RF	7th Area Single-County Expedition Multi-Multi
NX1P	7th Area County-Line Expedition Single-Op
AE7EU	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Single
W7EEE	7th Area County-Line Expedition Multi-Multi
W7O	7th Area Open Expedition
NS7B	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Mixed
N7WA	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low CW
WY7AA	7th Area Mobile Single-op Low Phone
K7KC	7th Area Mobile Multi-single High Mixed
KK6MC	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low Mixed
N7XU	7th Area Mobile Multi-single Low CW

April 20, 2021 - We've updated our Rules to confirm that WSJT digital modes are not allowed, since they don't support the 7QP exchange.

February 11, 2021 - Due to Covid-19 restrictions, “Distributed multi-ops” are permitted again in 2021. Equipment used by multi-op operators does not need to be on the same premises.   It is only necessary that all radio equipment and antennas be located in the same county (state/province or DXCC entity for out-of-area multi-ops).    All stations must use the same callsign, and only one station may be on any band/mode at any given time.

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Site last updated on: September 22, 2021
7QP / The 7th Call Area QSO Party

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